There are many facets to WordPress Security and many services that provide one particular feature but there is no single service that covers everything from top-to-bottom – that is till now. wArmour is total security & Protection for your WordPress website giving you total peace of mind to run your business without worrying about downtime, hacking, back-ups or anything else other than running your business.

What is wArmour?

We start at the top with the domain name – we monitor the DNS and Whois records to ensure no one mistakenly, or otherwise causes issues there. We then monitor the performance of your site to ensure it is always up. wArmour takes care of all updates and patches to keep you safe and secure and we scan for any security holes that pop up as you run your site. We provide a website anti virus system that monitors the files on the site for any hacks or security issues and a firewall to deflect any attempts before they even reach the site.

By restricting any unwanted traffic we provide real-time protection but also improve the performance of the site as you are only serving the needs or your real site visitors. Even so, we monitor performance to make sure someone else on your server is not causing issues and we report any downtime or server issues in real time. We also take a daily back up so should anything happen we can always roll back to an earlier point in time. Total security, from top-to-bottom, from DNS to Back Ups.

Business Continuity & SEO

wArmour is a Bowler Hat company so we come from a search engine optimisation & development background. With that in mind we also review your site for technical problems that would prevent a search engine from accessing , indexing or sending traffic to your site – uptime is not only useful if someone is visiting. Our engineers perform a technical SEO Audit every month & we monitor for technical issues that will hurt you in search.

What if?

What if you are already hacked? No problem, we will clean it up, secure your site and set you straight. What if you somehow get hacked? No problem, we will clean it up and get you back on track in no time. It’s unlikely as we ensure you are not an easy target but if it does happen, we will deal with it. Site cleaned, secured and removed from any blacklists – best of all this is all included in the monthly fee!

Feature List

Every site and every situation is a little different so we will talk to you regarding your specific requirements so we can fit you with the perfect suite of wArmour. However, in most cases, the solution will include all or most of the list below – but please, do contact us with any questions or queries.

  • Total Security Monitoring
  • Manual Security Review
  • Domain Name Hijacking Protection
  • DNS Monitoring & Protection
  • Zero Day Updates & Backup
  • Anti Virus & Cleanup
  • Inclusive Clean up & Repair
  • Website Firewall
  • Removal of Adware & Pop Ups
  • Plugin & Theme Analysis
  • Blacklist Monitoring and Removal
  • Google Clean Up & Blacklist Removal
  • Black Hat SEO Protection
  • Website Content Monitoring
  • Webmaster Tools Analysis
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Performance & Uptime Monitoring
  • DDOS & Hacker Protection
  • Total Peace of Mind
  • Daily Back Up







In a Nutshell

wArmour is total security for WordPress websites and total peace of mind for businesses who rely on the web for sales and leads. We keep you up. We keep you visible. We keep you doing business and most importantly of all we keep your users safe and secure.

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